Thursday, September 6, 2007

N.H. Debate

Great job in the debate last night for Gov. Huckabee. His candidacy is a breath of fresh air among the usual politicians. I thought he came across very well with his answers, most importantly his fair tax answer.

I am completely turned off by most of the other top candidates. Mitt Romney........fits the mold of the smooth talking politician, does not seem sincere to me. Rudy................did he use the same beginning for every answer? I think so......."When I was"........I just started tuning him out. I was impressed with Sen. Mccain. I think its the best debate he has had in a long time. I love his fiery "wit". He has his issues just as much as any candidate and its hard for me to see him as the nominee.

I also think its time for some of the other candidates to drop out and put their resources behind someone else........hopefully Gov. Huckabee. To all the "lower tier" candidates, do everyone a favor and stop muddying the water. Lets unite and bring a strong candidate to the front. That candidate is Gov. Huckabee.

I apologize for the short post this morning, I have more to say,but I must head off to class. I will close with this. Its time for a change in politics. Its time that we unite as Americans and we need a candidate that offers hope and not the usual doom and gloom politics. That candidate is my candidate, I hope he will soon be OUR candidate. The candidate is Gov. Mike Huckabee. Way to go Gov., lets keep it rolling.

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Adam said...

Sign, Blog, Digg, tell your friends and spread the word about my petition to get Fred Thompson to debate Mike Huckabee.